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Martyr! by Kaveh Akbar: book review

Martyr!  by Kaveh Akbar  Overview: Cyrus isn't attached to being alive, but he also desperately needs his death to matter. The obvious track to get there is through his writing. His poetry career hasn't gone much of anywhere since he graduated college. He honestly hasn't done much writing in the interim. He's been focused on addiction recovery and making it from one day to the next. His life has stalled, and his new recipe for making a name before his death is to write a book about martyrs whose death meant something. That sends him to New York City to meet an artist who's making her death matter. Turns out their lives are much more intertwined than it would appear. Overall: 5  Characters: 5 This book is incredible. I'll say it over and over again throughout this review. But this book is incredible. From page one, Cyrus's voice jumps out with an incredibly strong sense of who he is. Cyrus lost his mom not long after he was born when the commercial flight she