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Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour: Fiction Book Review

Yerba Buena  by Nina LaCour Buy the Book via Bookshop! this post uses affiliate links which means I get a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you! learn more  here . Overview: Sara and Emilie both fought through tough childhoods on their journey to adulthood. Sara escaped her small town and its ghosts at 14, paying a high price to get to LA. Emilie was born in the city but struggled in her own way to find her place and her voice among a family that had to devote all of their time to her sister, Collette, and her drug addiction. Sara makes it out of the youth shelter to become a sought-after bartender/mixologist, creating menus for LA's hottest restaurants. Emilie drifts in the wind, taking 7 years to finish college, working in a flower shop, caring for her ailing grandma, and ultimately, flipping houses. Along the way, Sara and Emilie's paths intersect at various points when they need love, hope, and connection most. Overall: 4.5  Characters: The two central chara