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rereview: Beautiful World Where Are You? by Sally Rooney

Beautiful World Where Are You?  by Sally Rooney Buy Beautiful World Where Are You via Bookshop This is an affiliate link which means I may receive a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the blog! Overview: Alice wrote two popular novels, became a literary super star, and had a mental breakdown. Now she's gone to a coastal Irish town to get away from the pressures of Dublin and her life there. She's left behind her friends Eileen and Simon in Dublin. Eileen is working at a literary magazine, unhappy, and pining for her childhood best friend who is many years her senior. Simon, that childhood best friend, is working in politics and struggling to settle down and meet societal expectations. Once in the new town, Alice gets on Tinder and clicks with the first guy she goes on a date with. Felix works in a warehouse and is lost in what he wants for his life, but he's intrigued by Alice. While separated by distance, the two couple's st