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Conversation with Friends by Sally Rooney: Literary Fiction Book Review

  Conversations with Friends  by Sally Rooney TWs: suspected miscarriage, self harm, mentions of alcoholism  Overview: Frances is 21, in university, and lost in life. She does not aspire to have a career, even though she really needs money. She doesn't have much direction at all. Her current friend and ex-girlfriend, Bobbi, was always the special one in Frances's mind. When a writer wants to profile them after seeing them perform Frances's spoken word, Bobbi and Frances are thrown into the lavish world of this writer and her actor husband. With an affair, messy parent relationships, and a whole lot of confusion, the book is both drama filled and plainly spelled out life of a girl trying to figure it all out. Overall: 3.5  Characters: 4 These characters are definitely better than the two cardboard cut outs that populated her second book, Normal People . Frances is bi and navigating what that identity means to her further after getting out of her first committed relationship

Olivia Rodrigo'a SOUR As YA Books: Track By Track

This list turned out to be much harder to make than I anticipated when I came up with the idea last week. I set out to match songs to SOUR because what goes better with an album written by a 17/18 year old than YA books, but it turns out that YA books are just too hopeful for this album. Unlike many of these songs, I couldn't find books where the characters ended the book totally despondent and broken up. It took a bit of brainstorming, but I think I found a book to match the essence of each SOUR track. Le me know in the comments which songs on SOUR are your favorite. Mine are "brutal", "favorite crime", "deja vu", and "jealousy, jealousy".  1. "brutal" : War and Speech   by Don Zolidis War and Speech just radiates the same badass, discontented with teenage life energy as "brutal". This was the first book that popped into my mind when I thought about making this post. Just look at the cover. Sydney's life has been fa