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Off the Record by Camryn Garrett: YA Book Review

  Off the Record  by Camryn Garrett Author Website TW: Discussions of sexual assault Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book so I could share my honest thoughts with all of you. Overview: Josie has been working on her journalism career since she was 15. At 17, she's won a contest to write a cover story about a budding movie star for one of the most popular magazines in the country. On the press tour, though, she befriends one of the young actresses and learns that one of Hollywood's most popular director has been harassing and assaulting women on set for years. Josie feels like she has to do something with this information, but even as an accomplished teenager, she's still scared her age will hold her back from getting their voices heard. Overall: 4.5  Characters: 4 Josie is a great main character. We get to fully live in her head as she experiences this whirlwind press tour. We learn about her self-driven writing career, her anxiety, and her back and

Mid-Year Freak Out 2021

I woke up with a start the other day to the realization that we are half way through the year, and in the blogging world, that usually means something very specific- mid-year freak out tag time. I have been so offline and unfocused lately that I wasn't even prepared for it. That also means that I can't smugly come here and talk about how well I'm doing with my reading or that I'm perfectly on track to hit my goal. My reading has been absolutely terrible this year. I blamed school for a while because I was doing heaps and heaps of reading- just not fiction. But the last two months have proven to me that I'm just not the reader I used to be. Somehow I have less ability to focus than when I was a kid. But to give myself a tiny bit of credit, I am much busier than I was when I was 13, even without school. I also am interested in a lot more mediums of entertainment than I was when I was a kid and obsessed with books and only books. I still make a concerted effort to be a