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Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales: YA Book Review

  Only Mostly Devastated  by Sophie Gonzales Overview: Will and Ollie have a magical summer at the lake in North Carolina. The summer is where their budding romance ends, though, because Ollie lives in California. To his surprise, though, at the end of the summer, Ollie's parents announce they'll be staying in North Carolina to help his Aunt Linda who has cancer. Ollie is shocked to discover that Will actually goes to his new school too. The only problem? Will's not out yet, and he doesn't seem to be headed down that path any time soon. Ollie is continually confused by Will's confusion over whether he wants to pick up where they left off at the lake, and navigating their sorta-maybe-kinda relationship proves to be a lot when he also has to learn a new school, find friends, and babysit his little cousins every day after school. While the move was the last thing Ollie wanted, there's a chance it could be for the best. Overall: 5 Characters: 5 I immediately clicked