What's Coming Up In May

I wantend to catch all of you up on all the exciting posts that are coming out in May. I'm putting out five different Into YA interviews as well as a guest post, which I think is the most I've ever published in a month. I'm getting to chat with some of my favorite authors about some amazing books that I hope you're all looking forward to as well. Along with these special posts, I'll have some featured ARC reviews, my Saturday Discussion, which I hope you're enjoying, and my usual Sunday review. Let me know in the comments if you're looking forward to any of these or have suggestions!

All Our Broken Pieces
I'm so excited to get to share more about this amazing book! It is a wonderful, compelling, and well written love story with fashion design and music. It also features some of the best OCD representation I've ever read! I'll be posting my review May 1st and posting my interview with L.D. Crichton on May 3rd. 

How It Feels To Float
How it feels to float is unique, especially in the YA space. It's set in Australia which I loved! While the voice isn't very YA, it's still an interesting story. I'll be posting my review on May 8th.

Interview with Don Zolidis
If you've been following my blog in the last month, you know that I love The Adventures of Amy and Craig. I'm lucky enough to get to chat with the author, who's also a world renowned playwright. If you're not familiar with the book, check out my review here and my Teen Book Con post where I met Don. That will go up on May 10th.

Girl Gone Viral
I'm super excited that I'll also get to interview Arvin Ahmadi this month as well! He's the author of Down and Across (one of my all time favorite books which you can hear me gush about here) and his next book Girl Gone Viral. I'll be talking about the book on May 13th, and I'll be chatting with Arvin on May 15th!

Tinfoil Crowns
Flux books sent me a copy to read and review, and I'm super excited to dive into this one! It's about a girl who's a popular You Tuber (and I tend to love stories involving You Tube, fandom type things, or internet creativity). She has to deal with a lot of complex family issues. I'll be posting my review on May 17th. 

Within and Without
This story takes on emotional manipulation and first love gone wrong. While it's an intense story, this summer on the vineyard novel makes for a highly compelling read. I'll be speaking with Deborah on May 24t and posting my review on May 22nd.

Dissenter on the Bench
If you are anything like me, you think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the coolest human beings alive. I'm super excited to dive into this YA biography. I don't often choose to read nonfiction, but I stumbled on this title on Edelweiss and decided to give it a go! I'll be posting my review on May 29th. 

This Might Hurt a Bit
One prank changes these boy's lives. They've already been grieving, but now life will never be the same. I'll be reviewing this early summer read on May 31st. 

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