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This Book Is Not Yet Rated by Peter Bognanni (April 9) To Purchase from your local bookstore click here
Overview: Ethan is the manager at the Green Street Theater. He has been since the owner skipped town. Running his rag tag group of employees at the indie film theater makes for the perfect gap year. And then the college that owns the building comes to shut them down. They're too far behind on rent to ever make up, and the building is filled with health code violations. As they rally to save the theater, though, Ethan finds out that maybe the movies isn't his entire life. Overall: 4

Characters: 4 I loved Ethan. He's the right mix of hilarious and introspective. I enjoyed learning about movies and watching Ethan grow.
There's also an interesting friendship bordering on friends to lovers with Ethan's childhood best friend Raina who's become a Holllywood star.
There's also a great ensemble class of varying ages who work at the theater and create a great found family to compliment the sections about Ethan's connection with his film professor dad who passed three years ago.

Plot: 4 If you're a major plot fan, this book probably isn't for you. It's very internal with most chapters in a long monologue of inner thoughts and random stories. While they do work to save the theater and he navigates his relationship with Raina, it's a minor part of the story. If you're looking for a character driven, exploratory, truly unique piece, I'd definitely recommend you check it out!

Writing: 4 The humor is on point with this story. The strong voice carries the novel even when flashbacks or plot points are slow or confusing. I loved getting to try seeing the world through Ethan's lens. The love of films was also very genuine and well informed. It's amazing to see the growth in Bognanni's growth between this one and his debut.

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