Let's Get Lost

Let's Get Lost by Aldi Alsaid (338 pages)
Overview: Leila is on a road trip to see the Northern Lights. It's not the most direct road trip in the world, but it intersects with the lives of four other teens starting to enter adulthood. There's Hudson who's about to leave his auto mechanic life behind to interview for a scholarship at university. Then there's Bree who's on the run from a life she wants to forget. And Elliot wants to get back the girl of his dreams after a failed night at prom. Sonia just needs to get back to Canada. Each stop along the way gets Leila one step closer to the northern lights. Overall: 4

Characters: 4 I thought that most of the characters were strong players. Leila makes the perfect twisted Mary Poppins/therapist for everyone she meets. She's also an onion character that we find by slowly peeling back the layers through her interactions with other people. The only character that fell flat for me was Elliot, mostly because I didn't enjoy his plot, and this book is so plot driven.

Plot: 4 This book is broken into five sections based on each main character. Hudson, the first section, is the strongest and most well grounded. With each subsequent section, they start to fly farther and farther from reality. The outlandishness goes in and out of being stuck in its own way. Overall, it makes for a fun road trip adventure.

Writing: 4 Alsaid does a good job balancing out his third person narrative. We get close enough and far away enough from the characters to get both an intimate and broad relationship with the characters. It makes for a good snapshot type format to guide the road trip.

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