Our Stories, Our Voices

Our Stories, Our Voices edited by Amy Reed (August 14)
Overall: 5 I find anthologies really interesting to read. I love reading books that combine so many ideas and prospectives smashed together into a single story. This book has the cohesion an anthology needs to work. Though the book speaks about race, religion, sexual assault, and other topics that deeply affect our society, they are tied together by the common thread of injustice and overcoming it through empowerment as women in American society.
I've never read an essay collection before, and I enjoyed it way more than I'd actually anticipated. I was drawn to the book by the amazing authors attached to the project, but from the first essay, I got excited about hearing all the different perspectives from these authors on pointing out the faults with the world. Because if we stop talking about the shortcomings of society, then we lose. No change will ever come from the silence, and Amy Reed has produced an outcry that makes an orchestra out of a cacophony of people desperate to make their experiences hear.
Everyone should have to read this book. These well written essays bring empathy without effort because they are just so raw, real, and honest about the day to day life of people like you and people unlike you.

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