Fresh Ink

Fresh Ink edited by Lamar Giles (August 14)
Overall: 3 This review is formatted a bit differently because this is an anthology of mainly short stories which makes it a bit tricky to break down. Because of this, I have to grade it as a whole. There are certainly elements of this book that I enjoyed more than others. I love that it was built on the idea of raising marginalized voices and telling stories that feel new. I also enjoyed how they mixed well established authors who will drive the anthology's sales along with emerging writers who are getting their first break here.
What I didn't like about this anthology, though, is a problem that arises with a lot of the anthologies I read. It seems like these authors who write amazing novel length books have a hard time slipping into a short form and fall back  on some writing vices that they grind out of their books through tons of revision. Because of this, these stories are less seamless to slip into. Perhaps, if this anthology had a stronger driving themes, the stories could have become a bit tighter through carrying a similarity.

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