To All The Boys I've Loved Before MOVIE!

So it's movie review time again! This is an insane year for YA movies, and especially rom-coms. I got out to the theater for Love, Simon, but I am definitely thrilled that I got to enjoy Laura Jean's onscreen birth from the couch in my living room, in my pajamas, just like Laura Jean would like to.
Even though the opening scenes reminded me of a cheesy Hallmark style movie, To All The Boys I Loved Before quickly shook off the rust and started rolling into an awesome movie. Really, the movie came for me when Peter K fell onto the screen. Noah Centineo is a great actor and embodies Peter's essence perfectly. The perfect casting truly extends throughout the movie with Lana Condor as Laura Jean. She's stylish (even if half her killer outfits would unjustly never be aloud at school in real life), honest, and endearing as she is in the book. They make a swoon worthy couple for sure.
The other standout character for me is Chris, played by Madeleine Arthur. I forgot how much I love her from the books till she popped up on my screen with a bright pink streak and a surprisingly big heart.
Don't go into the movie without expecting some major detail changes by screenwriter Sofia Alavarez, but you won't walk away disappointed. The core of the story, and the most major beats, are still all present. They're just reworked to work better on your laptop screen. If I was Jenny Han, I'd be pretty thrilled with what they were able to do with my book.
Very much in the vein of a classic rom-com, like Love Simon, these movies are bringing in a new golden age of teen movies with a more open mind than the ones that came before. I'm so happy to see that we're getting real teen movies that represent who the teens of today are and want to see.

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  1. Fab film review :)
    I think the changes don't overshadow the core of the story and agree they make it work better on screen. It's just so lovely!
    Cora |

  2. So glad you enjoyed the movie!!! Everything totally started to look up for me when Peter K came on screen. And Lara Jean was so adorable and stylish, definitely! (Also, the MC's name is Lara Jean, not Laura Jean) Awesome review! ♥


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