unconventional places to find book recommendations: Maisie Peters, Jensen McRae, Best Dressed, and Lexie Lombard

So you've exhausted the BookTok table at Barnes and Noble, and you're bored of BookTube because you've seen literally every video. Where do you turn to now to figure out what you should be reading (besides Reading, Writing, and Me and our bookstagram obviously)? Here's some out of the box recommendations for people to follow from beyond the book world who often offer their opinions on books woven into Instagrams that aren't steeped in the Bookstagram world. This is where I've been gathering most of my bookish inspiration lately, so it only feels fair to share.

Maisie Peters 

First up, we have musician and longtime book lover Maisie Peters. This is the closest I'm getting to sending you to a bookish influencer since Maisie has maintained an alternate Instagram page for years called the Maisie Peters Book Club. Occasionally hosting Instagram lives or Zooms with authors (the latest with Cleopatra and Frankenstein author Coco Mellors), she also issues a monthly book for everyone to read together and posts fun, bookish content about what books are in the studio with her, the bookstores she discovers while on tour, or the crates of books ready to be moved to her new London apartment. Maisie's main account also has book cameos from time to time, so they're both well worth the follow.

Jensen McRae

 Jensen McRae is another music artist who I highly, highly recommend following for her bookish content (as well as her music, obviously). Funnily enough, she's friends with Maisie, and their love of books is often where they intersect online. Jensen is responsible for the running Notes App list of books on my phone because she consistently posts Stories issuing quick reviews for the books she reads (and there are a lot of them). If you love really beautiful modern fiction like I do, your taste is sure to mesh with Jensen's. She's legitimately my favorite source for book reviews at the moment.

Best Dressed

While Best Dressed offers less bookish content on her Instagram than the other two, she'll post highly aesthetic book stacks with recommendations every few months on her stories or feature them in a post. She also posts highlighted quotes from whatever she's reading from time to time on her stories and TikToks reading her favorite passages. While Ashley no longer makes YouTube videos, she's still posting outfit inspo and travel content on her perfectly curated Instagram feed if you're looking to make reading feel glamorous again. 

Lexie Lombard 

Finally, we'll wrap up with a lifestyle YouTuber, Lexie Lombard. Lexie often showcases books in passing in her vlogs (though she recently just posted a video devoted to reading sad books for 24 hours straight). She also has a great solo podcast where certain episodes are devoted to what she's reading at the moment. Lexie is a great source of casual bookish content if you're looking for recommended by a friend vibe in your YouTube feed. 


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