Kindle Reading Habit Confessions : the Instagram Kindle Challenge

I've been an avid Kindle user for almost as long as I can remember since it was my mom's solution to my voracious reading habit. It's been my constant companion since elementary school – though I've owned a few Kindles over this time. If you're a Kindle user and are curious about someone else's reading habits or still unsure about the e-reader world but want to learn more, here's a glimpse at my Kindle habits. This is a tag I found on Instagram from @heavenlybibliophile, so go check out that post too! 

Kindle Type: I have a 2018 Kindle Paperwhite. Even though I've been a Kindle user since my mom gave me her OG Kindle that didn't even have a touch screen when I was in maybe 3rd or 4th grade, I haven't owned this Paperwhite since 2018. When my Paperwhite I bought in 2017 finally seemed like it might give out on me in October of 2022, I purchased a refurbished Paperwhite during a Prime Day sale. Funnily enough, I am apparently really bad with details cause I didn't realized it was refurbished until after I bought it, but it actually worked out because my Kindle is so much lighter and sleeker than my mom's 2022 Paperwhite (she, of course, bought the newest version because she reads descriptions before clicking purchase). 

Kindle Unlimited: I don't have Kindle Unlimited. When I first found out about it, the library just didn't have many books I was interested in. I think it has a broader array of options now, but I don't really see the point in subscribing to something like that when the Libby app exists to get e-books from your local library for free. I feel like Kindle Unlimited is like an Audible subscription; they only exist because a certain amount of the population doesn't know how many digital options libraries offer now.

Buy or Borrow: Borrow! I bought e-books as a kid before it was so easy to get e-books from the library, but now, if I'm buying a book, I want the physical object. I'm happy to wait out a Libby hold time to get to use the library.

Time Left in Chapter or Time Left In Book: Time left in chapter! I need to know if I can squeeze in one more chapter before bed or how long it's going to take me to finish the chapter I'm in the middle of to push me to read faster or get to the end. Without being able to physically flip the pages ahead, I need to know where I am in each section to feel at ease as a reader. 

Font Size: I'm the freak that has always had my Kindle on the smallest font size they offer, and I get super thrown off if my font size gets changed by accident. I can't imagine reading in any other size! I get asked all the time, "Can you really read like that?" when people look over my shoulder, but that's just how I've always had it. One day, my eyes will get weak enough that I'll have to up the size, but given that my far away vision is already so bad, I'm going to relish in my quality close vision.

Case or No Case: Until I got on bookstagram, I had no clue that Kindles could even have cases! My Paperwhites have always been so hardy I tell people you could probably run them over with a truck and they'd be fine! So I don't really see the point of getting a case for it besides making it cuter (I love seeing all the clear shell cases with stickers in them). I will say, though, that my new Kindle is looking a little worse for wear on the corners and in the rubber bits around the screen because it basically lives in my backpack, so maybe I'm starting to understand the case thing. 

I have put stickers on my last 2 Kindles, though. The first was a handmade sticker that I printed one of my drawings on. On this new Kindle, I just added a vinyl sticker from my local library. 

Does Your Kindle Have a Name?: People do that? It's probably like Lanie's Kindle (4) or something in my Amazon profile if that counts. 

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