All The Rage

All The Rage by Courtney Summers (336 pages)
Overview: Romey Grey has always been poor. She's also always had to live with the stigma of her father's heavy drinking. But Romey's life is finally starting to take a promising turn at home, with her mother leaving her father and moving them in across town to live with her new boyfriend, Todd.
This isn't to say Romey isn't still reeling from her past. A year before, she was raped by the sheriff's son, Kellen, at a party, and her attempts to speak out about the incident have gotten her labeled a liar by the entire town. School is awful, but she pushes through until she learns that her ex-best friend Penney has gone missing after the party of the year. Discovering what happened to Penney, and herself, that night throws her life into upheaval once more. Overall: 3.5

Characters: 4 I enjoyed Romey's character. She made for a relatable protagonist that suited the narrative. Summer's lets you into the inner workings of her head. The other characters, though, felt entirely flat, in a way that seemed almost intentional. I understand that Romey tries to keep her distance from all of the townspeople and that the way some of them treat her is horrific, but there are ways to make the cast feel less cardboard without changing Romey's view of them.

Plot: 5 The story moved at a fast pace. The short chapters were perfect. I finished it in two days of close to constant reading, thoroughly wrapped up in the story. The plot-line is definetly where this novel excels.

Writing: 3 The style of the writing and the sentence structure was a major turn off for me. Many sentences felt like they were started in the middle, leaving me confused in spots. While the core of this book is great, the additional elements could have used a bit more development to craft a stronger overall narrative. To Buy This Book: Click Here

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