Spotlight Review: Accidental Bad Girl

Accidental Bad Girl by Maxine Kaplan (May 15)
Overview: Kendall never intends to wind up getting blackmailed by a drug dealer or wrapped up in a massive police sting. She also never imagines that she'll fully regain her reputation or self confidence after the scandal that marked the end of junior year. But all of these things and more happen in this action packed, New York City thriller. Overall: 4

Characters: 4 I was actually surprised by the nuance of the characters in the book. I waffled on Kendall at first, as I wondered if she would gain more depth, but with every quarter, it turned out, I found a new layer of Kendall hidden in the pages. The other characters present their own share of interesting details and surprising twists. Kendall's new friend, Simone, who has plenty of controversy of her own, grounds the story when it tries to take off into a spinning whirlwind, and she grew to be my favorite. She contributes an extra depth to an otherwise beach-ready thriller.

Plot: 4 There's something to be said for the serious action in this book! Even though it's quite lengthy at 384 pages, I finished it in two days, kickstarting my reading again after a bit of a slump. Sometimes, you just need a good thriller with a new twist at the start of every chapter to keep you on your toes.

Writing: 4 I enjoyed the book for it's adrenaline rush and constant questions. There were moments throughout that were infused with a more serious depth, and, while I appreciate the effort from Kaplan, I do not believe that it was consistent enough throughout the book to really give the story the emotional gravity to catapult it to the next level. This isn't to take away from how much fun I had reading it, though! To Buy Now: Click Here

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