Spotlight Review: Letting Go Of Gravity

Letting Go Of Gravity by Meg Leder (July 17)
Overview: Charlie and Parker were inseparable twins till school split them up into different classes, and they have to fend for themselves. Since they have their own lives, they get closer and more distant over time. Then Charlie gets cancer. Though the family gets through it, the cancer resurfaces in their later teen years throwing their family back into uncertain territory. Parker tries to take the experience to her internship at the children's hospital, though it proves harder to return than she thought while Charlie spirals out of control having felt robbed of his high school life. Can the twins keep it together? Overall: 3 

Characters: 3 I feel like the characters fell flat as a whole because they didn't have their own, distinct voices. I had to put the book down because the monotone style couldn't hold my attention.

Plot: 3 I think that this goes back to the voice as well. The characters couldn't produce enough genuine tension with each other to propel the story forward.

Writing: 3 This story felt too much like reading a book to me. I never felt like Leder ever let me in to any of the emotional cores of the characters which is what makes reading feel like living another person's life.

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