Spotlight Review: So Glad To Meet You

So Glad To Meet You by Lisa Super (July 31)
Overview: When Daphne finds her dead older sister's bucket list under a floor board, she knows what she has to do. She tracks down her sister's boyfriend's younger brother, Oliver. After their siblings died together, she thinks that it's only right they complete their bucket list together the best they can. Overall: 3.5

Characters: 4 I enjoyed Daphne and Oliver. They both seem like genuine people trying to figure out what's right and what happened to their families with the death of their sister and brother. Though they're both in tough situations, it's nice to see them take comfort in one another.

Plot: 3 The plot was interesting while I was reading it. They set out to complete a modified version of the ten item list but slowly grow closer as they do. Though their journey isn't without a fair amount of speed bumps. Unfortunately, the book lacks the sense of urgency I needed to feel compelled to get all the way t the end.

Writing: 4 I thought that Super had a very honest voice throughout the book. Both characters seem true to themselves, and their outlooks suit their unique situations. The writing and voice that ran through the alternating third person limited was what hooked me for this book.

Hey, guys, I just wanted to write a quick little note here about my reviews lately. For most of July, I've hit a real slump in finding books I absolutely love which has slowed down my reading. It's a phase we all go through from time to time, and, I'm more saying this for myself, it happens to everyone. But, luckily, from here on out I have some really awesome reviews for books I love planned as well as an interview with the amazing Heather Ezell, so check back on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for that content. And follow us on Instagram @readingwritingandme for updates.
I'm currently reading two books that I'm really enjoying, Heretics Anonymous, which comes out in August, and Freshman, a new release (shoutout to a new college YA! Why isn't there more of that?) Let me know what you're reading in the comments below or  on Twitter (@readwriteandme).

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