Something Like Gravity

Something Like Gravity by Amber Smith (386 pages)
TW: Violence towards a trans person
Overview: Chris needs to get out of Buffalo where everyone remembers him being stuck in a hospital bed and why he was there. Maia is still struggling, living in a home, crowded with the ghost of her older sister, Mallory, and her parent's divorce. Maia and Chris find each other as Chris's parents drop him off in Carson to live with his aunt and have a summer away. Though they're weary of letting people in, the two recognize a similar fear inside one another. Their relationship offers comfort and healing but also have the potential for even more heartaches. Overall: 4

Characters: 4 Maia is still lost because she hasn't had a real support system to grieve with. Her parents have been divorced, but they live in the same house in icy silence, both emotionally unavailable to Maia. She starts to take on Mallory's identity, grabbing her camera and going out to recreate her photos. When she meets Chris, she introduces Maia's identity as her own.
Chris has overcome a lot. From his physical injuries after the attack in the woods to the pain he's gone to watching his mother struggles with his trans identity, he's looking for some friendly company, Maia offers the perfect person to get to know Carson with. Though he worries about sharing with her that he is trans, he finds acceptance with her. The strain comes when Chris realizes that all of his honesty hasn't been returned.

Plot: 4 This is a slow moving book. It likes to linger in little moments which is interesting. It all really depends on your reading preference. This is a very slow burn romance and there isn't much action.

Writing: 4 Amber does a wonderful job of articulating emotions. She's able to make precise emotions extremely clear which is a beautiful reading experience. I enjoyed reading the book, and it's the perfect story to read on lazy evenings in front of a fireplace.

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