YA You Need To Read: April 2021

It's already April! School has been super super hectic, and I'm starting my old job as a bookseller again, so I haven't had much time for reading lately (ironic, I know), but I did want to talk about some books coming out in April that I can't wait to read (one day) that might inspire you to pick them up. I particularly can't wait for My Epic Spring Break Up! It's been on my list for a while now (I mean, look at that cover), but I also found some new books that hadn't been on my radar while browsing around the internet that I wanted to bring to your attention. 
Let me know in the comments what April books you can't wait for! 

Zara Hossain Is Here by Sabina Khan cover

Zara Hossain Is Here

by Sabina Kahn 

April 6th

Zara has lived in Corpus Christi, Texas for a while. She's always dealt with the Islamophobia that's rampant in her high school, but when the star football player gets suspended, Zara becomes the target of a racist attack by the rest of the team that puts her and her family's visa status in jeopardy. She's put in an awful situation to navigate for herself, her future, and her family. While the synopsis doesn't share much about the story itself, I am excited to read the book! I grew up in Texas, so I always get excited to read books set there.

Kisses and Croissants book cover

Kisses and Croissants 

by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

April 6th

With a spot in an elite Paris ballet program and the chance to audition for a ballet company there, Mia is about to live her European dream for the summer. When a sweet French boy, Louis, offers to show her around, her time in Paris gets far more complicated. I used to be a dancer as a kid, so I'm always looking out for books featuring dancers. Also, this sounds like the perfect, fun romance to pick up during the intensity of finals. 

My Epic Spring Break Up cover

My Epic Spring Break (Up)

by Kristin Rockaway

April 6th
Ashely's high school life has been devoted to coding and getting into college. As her high school experience comes to a close, she starts to wonder if she's had an experience at all. Luckily, Spring Break is just around the corner, and that's the perfect time to let everything go and follow her heart. Ashely directs herself right into a love triangle that could leave her finally fulfilled or totally heartbroken. 

Kate In Waiting by Becky Albertalli cover

Kate In Waiting

by Becky Albertalli 

April 20th

Kate and Anderson have been friends forever. They carpool, go to theater, and are basically connected at the hip. That is until Matt shows up at school and the friends discover the one thing they absolutely do not want to share. With both Kate and Anderson harboring a crush on Matt, jealousy might get the better of their friendship. This book sounds both drama fueled and fun at the same time. I'm not a huge Becky Albertalli fan like a lot of people in the YA world, but I am intrigued by this premise.

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