Me Myself and Him

Me Myself and Him by Chris Tebbetts
Overview & Review: If you love the idea that there are multiple timelines for every decision you make, you're going to love this book. After Chris takes a hit of whippets and falls, bashing his face in, his life is split in two. In one reality, he stays in town, getting away with it, allowed to spend his last summer before college with his best friends. In the other, he's forced to move to his father's place to live with his step mother and a dad he barely knows.
As these stories parallel, Tebbetts does a great job of keeping the stories both fresh and on the same beat, balancing detailing events with flashing forward. It's a cinematic style of telling the story that's a lot of fun to visualize. I also love that it asks the "what if" question we all ask every time we take a turn.
Come back on Friday to read my interview with Chris where we really dive into the origin of the story, the way his background influences the way he tells stories, and shifting into YA from MG.

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