Books I'm Looking Forward To: October 2020

October means fall, Halloween, and some brand new books! This is a short list this time with a couple books I've had my eyes on for a while. As always, if you want to preorder a copy of any of these books (it helps authors a ton), I have preorder links to Bookshop through my affiliate page. That means shopping these links might give me a small commission at no cost to you! It's a great way to support the blog. 

Let me know in the comments which books you're looking forward to most in October. Also, I'd love YA thriller recommendations. I'm looking forward to doing another Halloween post like two years ago featuring some newer thrillers/creepy books. Let me know if you have a favorite. Also, don't forget to check out my September Favorites YouTube Video

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One Way or Another

 by Kara McDowell

October 6

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I'm in the middle of reading this one now! In just a couple days, Kara will be releasing a brand new book. Paige has an impossible choice. Go with her longtime crush to his mountain house for Christmas or go with her mom to NYC, the city of her dreams. Both present pros and cons, and her anxiety makes the choice even harder. When she slips and hits her head on the tile, her world splits into two parallel universes so she doesn't have to choose. 


Code For Love and Heartbreak 

by Jillian Cantor 

October 6

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If you're a Jane Austen fan, this Emma retelling will be right up your alley. Emma is a math genius, but she's not the best with people. With coding club co-captain, George, she devises a new project to make a matchmaking code. George doesn't want her meddling in people's lives, but there are so many people who have truly found their match, why should she stop? When things start going haywire, she doesn't get why her formula isn't working. Sometimes, you can't predict love. 


This is All Your Fault 

by Aminah Mae Safi

October 13th

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If you're a fan of the single day novel, this one's for you. Rinn, Daniella, and Imogen all work at Wild Nights bookstore. They're expecting their first shift of the summer to be boring as usual. Instead, the announcement that the store is closing creates a flurry of excitement as the girls try to find a way to save the store. 

Saving the bookstore seems to be a common trope this year. If you want more books like it check out Recommended For You (best for younger YA readers) or The Summer of Everything (perfect for older YA readers looking for an NA crossover)


You Know I'm No Good 

by Jessica Foley

October 13th

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Mia gets the "troubled teen" label when she lands at a therapeutic boarding school. Sure, she's been drinking, getting bad grades, and hooking up a lot, but would it be seen this way if she was a boy? As she confronts past trauma, she also questions how the world is stacked against teen girls. This sounds like a fascinating, thought provoking read. 

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