Harry Styles Book Tag (Inspired by Bookish Bits)

As you can probably tell, I've started doing a lot of tags since I've started school. Honestly, I haven't been in the most creative space lately, and school has been making me really tired, so tags have been calling my name. Since I found ones for Taylor Swift and Halsey, I thought I'd go looking for a tag for another of my favorite artist, Harry Styles. I was excited to discover that one does already exist, created by Lainy at Bookish Bits. You can read her version of the tag here. If you also like Harry Styles and books, consider yourself tagged. 

Also, if you're curious about any of the books mentioned below, just click the title to get to my review. 

1. KiwiA book with a title that has nothing to do with the book.

I feel like every title has some connection to the book. Some are just more obvious than others. I'll go with The Way You Make Me Feel here since it's one of the most abstract titles 

2. Sign of the timesA sad/emotional book with a happy/hopeful ending.

Clap When You Land is the last book I read, and it fits this perfectly! I'll be reviewing it next week, but it's about two girls who are sisters but don't know about each other. They find out when their father passes away in a plane crash. While it's mostly about grief, there is a lingering feeling of hope at the end. Highly recommend the book.

3. Ever since New York: A book set in New York City.

Now That I've Found You and Permanent Record fit so well that I couldn't choose between them. Both utilize New York City as a character itself. In NTIFY, it's all about going around New York as part of a scavenger hunt. PR just lives and breathes New York from every sentence. It's truly amazing. 

4. Sweet Creature: A book where a character helps another character out, physically or metaphorically bringing them home.

Emergency Contact immediately popped into my mind when I read the prompt because Penny and Sam become each other's safe space. Their relationship mostly exist through exchanging text messages, and they become this distant shoulder to lean on, even though their lives are moving in different directions. 

5. Two Ghosts: A character that goes through a change.

Scott's entire mission in Down and Across is to make a change. He goes on a quest to meet a professor who studies grit because he wants to learn how to stick with something. He knows he doesn't want to be a scientist or a researcher like his father wants him to, but he feels totally lost about how to enter the world. This book is all about change. 

6. Meet Me in the Hallway: A completed book series or book that you wish could continue.

This is sort of random, but I recently read a nonfiction book called Fangirls that dives into what it means to be a fangirl and part of a fandom. I wish there could be a second volume that profiled even more fandoms. If you want to hear more about the book, I'll be featuring it here and on the music blog (musicmusingsandme.com) next week. 

7. Woman: A book with a selfish/jealous character.

I have to reuse Now That I've Found You here because it's the only book that I can think of that fulfills the prompt. The whole reason Evie has to go through everything in the book is because her best friend Simone turns on her and leaks a drunken video of Evie making fun of the director who's movie she's about to star in. Simone gets all of Evie's roles and movie endorsements when Hollywood dumps her. 

9. Medicine: A book with a character who has an illness.

Justin A. Reynolds's book Opposite of Always features a main character, Kate, who suffers from sickle cell anemia. This genetic disease causes her death in the original story and launches the speculative twist in the book where Jack has to relive his day over and over again until he can get the injection she needs to survive. The book gets into the realities of sickle cell well, and I don't think it's a disease that gets enough attention for how many people's lives it affects. It doesn't have that icky romanticism feeling that most books about teen illness do. 

10. Anna: A book with a character called Anna.

I haven't read it yet, but I really want to read Anna K at some point. It's a modern reimagining of Tolstoy's book set in the world of the Manhattan elite. I always love YA contemporary retellings, so I'm excited to jump into this one. 

11. From The Dining Room Table:  A book about a character who misses/ hasn’t spoken to another character for a while.  

In Loveless, Georgia moves to university with her two best friends from school, but when they're assigned to different dorms, it's the start of them losing touch with one another. Even though they're close in proximity, they all grow apart so much, and it leave Georgia feeling lost and wanting back the times they had when they were closer. 

12. Carolina: A book with someone worthy of having a song written about them. 

I would totally write a song about Lulu from Look. I talk about this book way too much, but I seriously love it a lot. Lulu is extremely down to earth and relatable, but she also has a magnetism that makes her feel primed to be a muse for some incredible art. 

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