Coming Up in February 2021: Can't Miss YA

It's almost February which means it's time for tons of brand new books. I picked the five I was most excited about to spotlight in this post! There's a mix of past favorite authors (like Courtney Summers and Phil Stamper) and some new authors I can't wait to read for the first time! I'm so excited to dive into these soon. A couple are on my ARC TBR, and the rest I put in library requests for. If you have a local library, placing a request for a book purchase from your library is a great, free way to get new books. You help the author with a sale, and the library also offers them more exposure to new readers! 

If you do want to add some of these books to your personal collection, I will be adding purchase links that go to Bookshop to this post. Clicking the affiliate link means that the blog might get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Shopping these Bookshop links is a great way to support the blog, authors, and independent bookstores! 


The Project

by Courtney Summers


February 2nd 

Courtney Summers is back with a twisty thriller as bone chilling as all of her previous books. This latest book fits right into her brand that you'll likely know from her popular book, Sadie. Lo's parents died and then her sister joined The Unity Project. Though the group is great at community service and outreach, Lo knows that they're truly a cult underneath their sunny exterior. And she's spent the last six years trying to expose that. When a man comes into the magazine she works at claiming the group killed his son, Lo has the story she needs to go undercover and expose them. As she further infiltrates the world, trying to get her sister back, she sinks in further with the group. Truth and lies become blurred until she's left unsure of what to believe. Perfect for true crime fans, those who love thrillers, or those who find cults fascinating, this is the book for you. 

Read my review of Sadie here.

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A Taste For Love 

by Jennifer Yen


February 2nd 

Liza is smart and on a promising track with her life. She would be the perfect kid in any other family, but her sister, Jeannie, makes her look rebellious in her mom's eyes. She pushes back against her mother's traditional values. But they do love baking together. To bridge the gap, Liza agrees to help at her mom's baking competition to prove she's responsible before college. Little does Liza know, her mom is using the baking competition to possibly set her up with an agreeable suitor. Though the bachelorette situation goes against all of Liza's beliefs, she has to admit one of the guys is actually quite cute. 

I'm particularly excited about this book because it's set in Houston. Despite being the third or fourth largest city in the US, it rarely comes up as a setting for books. Having grown up there, I'm always excited to read a book set in a place I know well. 


A Pho Love Story

by Loan Le


February 9th

Isn't this cover perfect? 

Bao finds himself completely unremarkable. He's not even his parent's favorite employee at the family restaurant. Linh, the daughter of the restaurant owner across the street from Bao's, is a firecracker. She wants to pursue a career in art, but she knows how much her parents need her to keep the restaurant going. When they suddenly meet by chance, they momentarily put their family feud aside and realize they truly enjoy each other's company. And then they remember that they're living in a modern Romeo and Juliet situation. 

Like I said, the cover has drawn me in from day one. This book ticks all the boxes for me. It features food, which I love. It also focuses on two restaurants, a topic I always find fascinating. I'm super excited to see where the story will go. 

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Hot British Boyfriend 

by Kristy Boyce


February 9th

Everyone has dreamed about finding a hot British boyfriend at least once, right? Ellie takes a school study abroad trip to England to escape an embarrassment at school and finds herself on a quest to rebuild her confidence through finding a brand new guy with a cool accent. She quickly finds Will, the seemingly perfect boyfriend, who takes her on a dreamy tour of the new country. Ellie enlists her classmate, Dev, to feed her the facts and information she needs to impress Will. Even as she finds a seemingly perfect relationship, she doesn't quite feel mended on the inside. Maybe the perfect boy isn't the perfect boy for her.


As Far As You'll Take Me

by Phil Stamper


February 9th

Marty arrives in London with his oboe and summer job savings, free from expectations or his old life under the watchful eye of his parents. He's free to explore his sexuality without judgement, and the trappings of his old life are abandoned in the airport. Marty immediately meets tons of friends, finds his first boyfriend, and is traveling through Europe. His life looks enviable. Instead, he's riddled with anxiety, quickly burning through his savings, and feeling an immense amount of guilt about his lack of relationship with his parents. He's not landing his dream job. Nothing is perfectly working out. Marty is scared he'll never find a true home. 

I've been a huge fan of Phil's books since his debut The Gravity of Us. It was a book I didn't shout about as much originally, but it stuck with me in a constant way that few books do. If you're a fan of quiet books, I think you'll be a fan of Phil's work. I can't wait to dive into a story about a musician taking a leap of faith in a new country. Read my review of The Gravity of Us here.

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