9 Days & 9 Nights Review

9 Days and 9 Nights by Katie Cotugno
Overview: In this brief follow up to 99 Days, Molly is exploring Europe with her new boyfriend when their paths collide with Gabe and his new girlfriend. Their trips wind up intertwining, and it causes old histories and feelings to bubble to the surface. Overall: 3.5

Characters: 3 The characters in this installment were much more flat. I did like Sadie, but, mostly, because I was drawn to the couple of personality traits that were listed. Ian also didn't come to life much beyond a couple basic descriptors. As for everyone else, Cotugno really relied on all the knowledge you'd gained about the characters in the pervious books to create their personality. There was't much additional growth or layering to be found.

Plot: 4 This was a fun enough romp through Europe, though the sites aren't really the point. There were some fun moments and some swoony moments sprinkled throughout, but there wasn't much of a point to anything that was included until the last 50 pages that really furthered the plot from the last book. A lot of the book it seemed almost unimportant that Gabe was even there.
I did feel like this love triangle was a little better, and it did feel like Molly learned something from her last experience, though it did still come off like she was using Ian.

Writing: 3 While nothing was particularly vivid, there was a nice amount of cute antics that kept the pages turning. Cutugno's writing is so easy to breeze through that it makes for a really fun romance while you're actively reading. They're great for the beach or for getting out of a reading slump when you need a super quick, cute read.

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