Infinite In Between

Infinite In Between by Carolyn Mackler (462 pages)
Overview: Four years of high school is a long time, and it starts at freshmen orientation. During this event, one orientation group of new freshmen decides to write letters to their future selves to open at graduation. This book chronicles their journeys through all four years of high school as they work towards becoming the people they want to be. Overall: 3

Characters: 3 I found the characters to be the most disappointing part of the book. Each is simply a trope with a plot line to match. Gregor is a band geek with braces and a fear of talking to the girl he pines after for four years. Then there's Zoe, daughter of famous movie star and trainwreck, who gets sent to live with her aunt, and Whitney who struggles with her relationship with her sister and her queen bee popular friends. Finally, Jake, who recently came out as gay is struggling with his best friend abandoning him, and Mia, an unconventional smart girl who learns to conform to be noticed, round out the cast. They all evolve and get where they want to go but without much dimension.

Plot: 3 I found the plot lines to just be extensions of the character cliches. The actions were jerky, and none presented any real challenges for the characters.

Writing: 3 I loved the concept of this book. Tracking a set of characters over the entire time from freshman to senior year creates a great opportunity to show a complete evolution and narrative arc. Unfortunately, that did not happen with this story. The characters were not strong enough to support the compelling plot arcs that make these kinds of novels so compelling. To Buy The Book: Click Here

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