Unpregnant Review

Unpregnant by Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan
Overview: Veronica is headed to Brown, she's valedictorian. High school is basically over for her, but the two lines on the pregnancy test ring a whole new kind of problem. As she makes the earth shattering discovery, her ex-best friend Bailey is in the bathroom too. When Veronica realizes that she'll have to travel thousands of miles to get an abortion, Bailey and Veronica embark on an epic road trip to safeguard Veronica's future. Overall: 3.5

Characters: 3.5 All the characters are nice enough, but they're not very developed or extended beyond their basic stereotypes. Veronica is the perfect Christian girl with a wonderful future ahead of her that winds up in a bad situation. Bailey is the dumped best friend who's "scary" and has tons of rumors swirling about her. Veronica comes to realize that keeping up appearances isn't everything and Bailey gets a friend (I guess?).
Then there's Kevin who apparently intentionally got Veronica pregnant because he's scared of everything changing when they graduate. He's insane and follows them on their road trip, coming after them trying to get Veronica to agree to stay. I'm not sure what the point of him existing is, and it really weakened the story to have such a joke of a person be so important to the story. It also hurts Veronica's character development.
Veronica's existing friends are also complete airhead losers which I guess helped drive home the "Bailey is the only genuine, honest person around even though she's an outcast narrative", but it again hurts the integrity of the story.

Plot: 4 In theory, this book is a cool idea. It's an epic friendship story-road trip with a commentary on an important social issue. If the books does anything, or if Kevin really has a point, it's to drive home how important it is that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body and her future. There were plot threads that could have been better executed and depended for more of an effect, but it was entertaining enough that I finished reading it in a morning.

Writing: 3 My real problem with this book is that it feels like a skeleton of itself with some weak jokes. There were so many different places where the story could have dug a little deeper and added some more dimension to the characters and meaning to the book. It's unfortunate because all of the bones were there, but it wound up feeling a bit hollow and cliche.

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