End of Summer YA to Preorder: August TBR

I know I always start these posts by panicking about how it's somehow already *insert whatever month here* because I'm always genuinely surprised when a new month rolls around and I realize it's already time to make a TBR post. But this month it's extra scary because I'm going to start this month at home like normal and end the month in a a brand new city, on my own, and starting in college in person for the first time. I have a road trip and a million boxes and probably a few tears in my future. (More on that later because I think I'm going to actually write a wrap up for this month sometime this week since there are about to be a ton of big changes!) 

Anyway, here are the books I'm most excited for during the month of August. This list is a bit shorter than usual, but it has a bit of everything I love: a college YA/NA, a pop star story, and a book from an author I've enjoyed before. 

If you're excited about any of these books, make sure you get your preorders in! It helps the author, and especially now, it's a way to ensure you get to read the book ASAP and don't get thwarted by printing shortages! If you click the link in the title of the book, it'll take you to Bookshop.org, which allows you to purchase books online while supporting indie bookstores. I am a Bookshop affiliate, so if you use the link in bio, I might make a small commission which helps support the blog at no extra cost to you! If you'd rather buy your books somewhere else, though, I'll link the author's website over their names so that you can see all the buy links as well as explore their other work! 



by Margot Wood

August 3rd

Elliot definitely took the "the world is your oyster" approach to starting college. Every stereotypical thing you see in the movies, she dove into head first. Parties, drinking, boys, hook ups, testing the patience of authority, not really caring about the actual school part of things. But reality always catches up, and Elliot realizes her world has fallen apart while she's been stuck in a haze, and her original picture of college life is far less fun than it seemed on paper. But Elliot still has a chance to turn it around and find the college experience that actually suits her. With quiet and space to breathe, Elliot can figure out who she really is and what she wants in the next four years. 

I will scream from the rooftops about any and all YA/NA books set in college. Please, please, please publishing! Please realize that there is a market for these books!!!!! As a current college student (and one who's going to college irl for the first time in August), I get so excited when I see new books set in college coming out. Whether in YA or NA or even adult, I don't really care. I've just been craving these stories and not finding nearly enough of them. 


Like a Love Song 

by Gabriela Martins

August 3rd

Natalie is living the dream as a major Brazilian pop star. Everything in her life is going so well... right until she gets dumped on live TV. Not a good look for a girl who's supposed to be on top of the world. What's the best way to move on from super public break-up humiliation? A new guy of course. Or that's what her PR team thinks. Once they pull some strings, Natalie has a new (fake) British indie film star boyfriend to parade around with. And while it should all be for show, Natalie can't help falling for his soft spoken nature and attentive personality. Everything is about to get even more complicated. 

If there's a book about a pop star or a celebrity pair in fiction, it's going straight to the top of my TBR list, so of course this book made the list. Also, as a bonus, if you're looking for a cheaper book or always wish you could get the paperback right away, you're in luck because this is a paperback release!


Like Other Girls

by Britta Lundin

August 3rd 

After getting kicked off the basketball team after an unfortunate altercation, Mara is in search of a new sport. She really needs to look no farther than her brother, though. After a few failed attempts at other sports, she decides to join her brother's football team. Inspired by Mara's choice, more girls decide to join the team, creating a total uproar in her small town and in Mara's home. Joining the team brings plenty of toxicity and sexism into her life, but it also helps Mara make the next important step towards becoming who she really needs to be. 

I enjoyed Britta's first book (Ship Itabout conventions and fandom, so I'm excited to see what her second novel has in store. 

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