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Last week, I shared all my favorite recent releases with bi main characters. A lot of you commented and shared your favorites as well, and it was so fun to learn about some new books! As Pride Month comes to an end, I wanted to make one my post to celebrate. Today I'm talking about my favorite books with Aro, Ace, or Demi representation. Again, I've found it tricky sometimes to find books with this specific representation, so I wanted to share in case some of you are looking for new books! This is a quick, little post, so if you want to add more books to it, just leave a comment!
By Kathryn Ormsbee
I've been a huge fan of this book since I first read it a couple years ago. It was the first book I ever read with ace rep. Tash is such an intelligent, lovable character, and the friendship story is also strong too. Even as she achieves career success with her scripted YouTube series, she's still navigating what her identity means to her, and being open about it leads to her being met with a mix of reactions. While being realistic, the book is really positive and a great read. 
By Lillian Clark
Immoral Code has a ton of different points of view to create an epic heist story centered around the super relatable struggle of finding the money to pay for staggering college costs. It's a great friendship story that does have some heart racing moments. Reese is aro/ace so she doesn't experience sexual or romantic attraction. Still, she's looked at as the school slut based on how she dressed and wears her hair. While Reese's exploration of her identity is interesting, her story also serves as a good reminder that you can't assume anything about a person because of how they look. 
Also, Lillian just released a new book, Half Life, that I can't wait to pick up.
By Akemi Dawn Bowman
Rumi's story is mainly one of grief, but the more time she spends in Hawaii, the more she opens up to new experiences. As she falls for her new neighbor, Kai, she also starts to explore the possibility of being asexual. All of these feelings, questions, and experiences at once amounts to an interesting, tightly character focused story. 
Front Cover

Let's Talk About Love
This is a $2.99 deal on Kindle this month if you're interested in getting a copy! I recently got this book, so I haven't had a chance to read it, but I've seen tons of recommendations for it. It's a summer romance which is perfect to read right now. Also, Alice works at a library which is a job that I think most book lovers have at least imagined having. Over the course of the summer, she decides to take a risk on love again after her girlfriend dumped her when she came out as asexual. Since it's published by Swoon Reads, I expect this book to be absolutely sweet and summery. 

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