My Most Anticipated New YA Contemporary for March 2021

March is delivering so many books I need in my life right now. March is one of my favorite times of year as a book blogger because it's the month of my blog anniversary and it's also a month that publishing dumps a ton of amazing books from the sky all at once, and I get overwhelmed in a really happy way. Here's a longer than usual list of all the YA contemporary books I'm looking forward to for March and have been anticipating for months now.

Yolk by Mary HK Choi


by Mary HK Choi

March 2nd

Mary is one of my favorite YA authors and has been since her debut. She's also just the coolest person, and I think because of that she writes some of the most unique YA. Her books tend to hit towards the oldest of the YA age range, which, as an older teen, is super appealing. They also just have a very distinct style to them that's comforting and realistic and extremely grounded in this world. Her characters are always as lost and messy as I am.

June is the older sister by three years. She works an empty finance job and lives in a boring, bland apartment. Jayne is messier, skipping class, and completely directionless. They couldn't be more different. After three moves with each other from Korea to Texas to New York, they're finally, totally done with each other. And then June gets cancer, and Jayne is the only one who can help her. Through the time they're forced to spend together, they learn more than they ever expected. 

I already have my copy preordered through Books Are Magic where Mary is signing all the copies, and I'll be going to her Zoom launch event hosted by the bookstore! I can't wait till it shows up at my doors.

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I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre

I Think I Love You

by Auriane Desombre

March 2nd 

Emma, the hopeless romantic, and ever practical Sophia end up competing head to head for first prize in an LA film competition. For all the enemies to lovers fans, this book seems to be for you. I can't wait to finally pick up my ARC after anticipating this one for months. Also, for everyone wishing YA books debuted in paperback, here's an answer to your wishes. 

Follow Your Arrow by Jessica Verdi

Follow Your Arrow 

by Jessica Verdi 

March 2nd

Three words. Social media influencer. I love books that center around social media and the internet and how it impacts all of us. For some reason, that's a major fascination of mine, so I will always run to pick up books with that theme at the center. To make it even better, the main character is bi. 

(Also, is this book title a wink at the Kacey Musgraves song?)

CeCe and Silvie have always been #relationshipgoals to their followers. When Silvie breaks up with Cece, she wonders if she's not only going to lose her first love but her following as well. Maybe they only loved her as a couple. When CeCe meets Josh, he has no clue that she's actually internet famous, and for once, Cece wants to keep a part of her life offline. But, of course, that can't last forever, and CeCe finds herself deep in internet drama as her public and private life collides. 

Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzolas

Perfect on Paper 

by Sophie Gonzolas 

March 9th

Starting off strong, I want to tell all of you about a book I've loved since November, and now you can love it with me. Because this book is perfection. I'm not kidding. It's everything I want in a YA contemporary book. 

Darcy runs her own advice column of sorts. People send her letters and some money through an empty locker, and Darcy emails them back with personalized romantic advice based on the hours and hours of content she's consumed on YouTube on the subject. When her identity gets discovered by a boy on the swim team, Darcy gets roped in to giving him one on one relationship advice to get his girlfriend back. The problem is that maybe Brougham won't want his girlfriend back by the end. 

Darcy also navigates messy feelings about crushing on her best friend at the same time as Brougham, sister dynamics, and her own relationship with being bi. She spends a lot of time in a GSA-like club where Darcy gets to talk about all of her feelings and concerns around her sexuality and also brings up the stories of many other characters trying to figure out where the fit in. 

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Can't Take That Away

Can't Take That Away

by Steven Salvatore 

March 9th

Carey has the whole Broadway repertoire memorized, and they dream of having a stage to belt it out on. Unfortunately, homophobic incidents and worries over their grandmother's dementia hold them back. Then they meet Cris, a singer/songwriter and connected spirit. As they form a bond, they have to fight through a lot to finally have their moment to shine on stage.  

She's Too Pretty To Burn by Wendy Heard

She's Too Pretty To Burn

by Wendy Heard

March 30th

It's so rare that we get a thriller/mystery set in the sunny summer. Veronica is bored with her photography and Nico is uninspired by his performance art. Until magnetic Mick turns everything around and lights everything up. Veronica and Mick fall for each other fast, and then everything starts to unravel. There's a fire, two murders, three drownings, and an assurance that nothing will ever be the same. It's a YA retelling of A Picture of Dorian Gray

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