A Summer of YA

I thought that I would make a bonus post for all of you to celebrate summer finally starting to arrive! I've compiled a list of books that I've read this year and last that either take place in the summer or give me total summer vibes. A lot of these books are ones that I think should get a lot more love. Let me know in the comments what books make you instantly think of summer! I've linked reviews to all of these books in the titles below.

I read it last weekend in nearly a single day because it is such a refreshing, quick read. While I don't think it takes place in the summer and it focuses on a TV internship, it's set in LA which serves up eternal summer vibes.

This is one of the ultimate books on my summer playlist. As a punishment for a school prank, Clara has to spend the summer working with her nemesis in her father's food truck. With mouthwatering Korean-Brazilian food, tons of snark, and summer heat, this book is not to be missed when reading under the sun. 

With a massive wildfire threatening their homes, Brook, her boyfriend, and her family try to stay strong, but cracks around how the fire started threaten to topple their futures. With an unputdownable intensity that requires a day dedicated to just reading it and tons of nature themes, this book fits perfectly with long, summer days.  Interview with the author: Here

Hanging out on Lake Michigan all summer sounds like the perfect summer of relaxation. But would you go if it meant you had to assist an old lady- cleaning her house, making repairs, and attending a million funerals- full time? Briggs answers this call and has the time of his life with the eccentric old lady and the mysterious neighbor girl. I love that it has rep for, I believe, Crohn's disease, which isn't often represented, and it's one I want to reread!

The other book at the top of my reread list is this book by Blair Thornburgh! Natalie's crush ends up writing a song about her (called "Natalie") without her knowledge, and it throws her life into peril. With many scenes at Jamba Juice, the yurt in the backyard, and its beautiful, bright cover, the summer vibes are undeniable. 

This summer set YA is perfect for older readers as it has a very mature voice and an older character. Set during the summer, Maeve has to go live with her father and stepmother in Vancouver where everything feels wrong. If this isn't bad enough, Maeve has to cope with all of this on top of her severe anxiety disorder. This hot pink cover also looks great in your sunny, summer TBR pile. 

Lance's ancient car breaks down in the middle of nowhere Washington. There's a bar, a motel, and a car garage along with some vibrant new characters. Lance goes from panicked to determined to make the best of his situation. Set in the woods and detailing a spontaneous adventure, this book speaks to the freedom and discovery summer can bring. 

No summer list would be complete without this one. With a summer internship, a perfect burger hunt, and a super cute f/f romance, this book gave me a ray of sunshine even though I read it in the middle of winter. 

From its pastel pink cover to the LA heat, this prep school book still serves tons of summer vibes. Looking for a light romance with Shakespearean origins? This is the book for you. 

Camping, hiking, and getting ditched in the woods all feel like summer. Starry Eyes is the perfect woodsy summer romance in the mountains of California. 

Summer Bird Blue
If you can't go to Hawaii yourself this summer, pick up Akemi Dawn Bowman's sophomore novel. Though this is a very heavy book that deals with serious themes, its setting still gives some blissful island vibes. If your looking for a weightier book to add to your summer list, check out this title.

If you know me, you know I never miss a chance to yell from the rooftops about Erin's debut book. If you love music or are looking for an older YA book, check out this book. Also, I heard that the summer tour dates they play match up with summer this year! Interview with the author: Here


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